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Do You Need Tuckpointing Services? Look For These Red Flags

Tuckpointing is the process of replacing the mortar between bricks with two separate colors to give the impression that the joints are thin and straight. In contrast to repointing, which is used when deteriorated or missing mortar needs to be replaced to ensure a wall’s structural integrity, tuckpointing is largely (although not always only) dictated by the aesthetic preference of the homeowner(s). Here are some red flags that could indicate your home could benefit from tuckpointing services:

Loose, Crumbling, or Missing Mortar

Mortar decays over time. While bricks themselves are particularly hardy and can last for one hundred years or more, mortar is susceptible to water damage, extreme changes in temperature and pressure from the weight of surrounding bricks. If you notice loose, crumbling, or missing mortar in the joints between the bricks of your home, you likely need to consider either repointing or tuckpointing services.

Mold on Interior Walls

Even a hole the size of a pinpoint can allow water to leak into your home and cause mold to grow on interior walls. Visible puddles, water stains, a musty odor and/or rising humidity within your home might indicate that you have a problem with your masonry. Tuckpointing services might help resolve them.

Issues with Windows, Doors, and Walls

Other issues inside the home could signal it’s time for masonry repair, as well. For instance, doors and windows that become harder to open or close and cracks or shifts in walls could all be symptoms of faulty masonry joints. Similar to mold, these types of problems often mean excess moisture is getting into the home through defective mortar joints. Over time, the extra water and drastically changing temperatures can weaken your home’s walls so that they sag or bow and warp its windows and doors so that they no longer operate as intended. At this time, repointing or tuckpointing services should be contemplated.

Lackluster Curb Appeal

Of course, many people choose tuckpointing services to fix a problem of aesthetics, not structure. If you feel your home’s facade is tired or worn, tuckpointing services can often improve its general appearance. Replacing rough and uneven mortar with clean, straight lines can instantly brighten your home’s visual appeal.

Want to Learn More?

To learn more about tuckpointing services and when you need to make use of them, please contact our team of professionals at Brickworks Property Restoration. We can help you determine whether or not your home would benefit from masonry construction or repair.

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