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Commercial Services

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The Perfect Choice for Commercial, Government, Industrial, and Multi-home/Apartments/Condos.

Chimney Repair • Chimney Inspection • Chimney And Brick Maintenance • Chimney Sealing • Chimney Cap Repair and Install • Chimney Crown Coat • Chimney Sweeps • Masonry Waterproofing • Chimney Saver Applications • Brick Porches • Tuckpointing

Commercial Services

Whatever the size project you have you want a company that has the abilities of a large company, with the precision and care of a small home town company. At Brickworks we have made great strides over 15 years to being “The premier contractor” in the Metro Detroit area and surrounding tri counties. We work directly with multiple suppliers and manufactures to deliver precise maintenance and repairs for what ever you desired project may require!

Condos, Multi home and apartment buildings:

masonry maintenance and repair can be difficult and trying for most association style buildings! At Brickworks we work directly the association and board, with a trained sales and operation staff to create a one time, Yearly, bi-yearly and so forth repair and maintenance plans. With multiple styles of repairs available for your project we can work with the association to accomplish all repairs in a timely and neat fashion.


Brickworks Property Restoration has the man power, equipment, training, and abilities to properly repair and preserve any of your government building exterior repairs and maintenance. Historic Preservation Maintenance and repairs can be performed to engineer specifications or architectural design returning your building to proper code.

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Metro Detroit is a large industrial area and lots of buildings requiring multiple styles of repair and maintenance. Brickworks is the right choice for your project with OSHA compliance, large man power, and no height restrictions. We can adequately preform major and minor maintenance and repairs on your building’s interior and exterior masonry.

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Condos, Multi-home and Apartment Building

Restoration and Preservation:  we offer multiple different repairs to help maintain and repair buildings from weather and water damage, Salt damage, and just structural damages and movement. We provide emergency repairs due to unforeseen damages.

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