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Government/Historical Landmarks/Churches Services

For over a decade Brickworks has serviced, repaired, and maintained some of the most prestigious properties in Southeast Michigan. Size and scope of the project is not an issue with us, we would love put your property on our annual maintenance schedule to ensure we can exceed even the toughest  historical and Government standards.  Preserving our historic structures runs in our company DNA and culture, we take great pride in being the first name when you think of Historic restoration. We take our training serious, we understand in order to have the best trained installers we need the best trained instructors. We have traveled the globe sourcing the specific old world techniques, tools and products to get the most organic results

Most common maintenance and repair done to government historical landmarks and churches include:

  • Tuck-pointing
  • Monument signage
  • Lintel and sill replacement
  • Spalled brick replacement
  • Additions
  • Historically accurate restoration work
  • Parapet repair / rebuild
  • Chimney restoration
  • Heat-shield flue repairs
  • JAHN mortar stone restoration
  • Limestone replacement
  • Wall tie retrofits

We proudly service all government grant and bond work and prevailing wage required projects, both prime and sub.  We can handle all sizes of restoration, repair and restoration projects for schools, post offices, historical land markets  libraries , city hall, and government offices.

Heights are not a problem at Brickworks. We can service historic mortars, stone and brick replacement, lintels, shoring bowing walls, lime mortar, and sandstone rusted metal atall heights above and below grade by using scaffolding, swing stages, and boom lifts.

Masonry units are held together by mortar joints. Unfortunately, these mortar joints are susceptible to excessive moisture, which makes them weak and damaged over time. It is essential to do repointing or tuck-pointing from time to time. Repointing or tuck-pointing, in simple words, is the process of replacing damaged mortar with new mortar with the primary purpose of enhancing the life of a structure. If you are planning to get repointing done, you must choose to work with a professional with experience in brick, stone, concrete, and all other kinds of mortar construction. Tuck-pointing is a tricky task that requires skill and expertise, and a minor flaw can lead to significant issues at a later stage.

Why Brickworks Property Restoration?

When done improperly, repointing can lead to cracking, spalling, and having the surrounding masonry quickly deteriorate.  At Brickworks, we want to ensure your structure holds its integrity.  We accomplish this by taking special care in determining the correct repair and the appropriate mortar composition before we begin your property restoration project.

We understand all project a different and what we can look at your structure as a one size fits all model. Each building has its unique materials, architecture,  structure and era build. Our approach is like no other company in this industry. We have access to all the state of the art equipment, materials, training, safety and staff to ensure our standards surpass your expectations. We have a hassle free policy when we start a project we don’t stop until its complete. One thing we pride ourselves on is on time management and mobilization. We aren’t handicapped by the board of directors or upper level management that can slow the process down, we can stay agile and pivot to fit our customers needs and expectations.

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