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Condo, Multi-home, and Apartment Building Services

The Perfect Choice for Multi-home/Apartments/Condos.

Chimney Repair • Chimney Inspection • Chimney And Brick Maintenance • Chimney Sealing • Chimney Cap Repair and Install • Chimney Crown Coat • Chimney Sweeps • Masonry Waterproofing • Chimney Saver Applications • Brick Porches • Tuckpointing

Condo, Multi-home, and Apartment Building Services

Brickworks has extensive experience with clay brick, stone, and concrete problems that can occur in masonry construction We provide services that include repointing of masonry joints, replace or remove cracked brick, steel angle irons, and lintel restoration/replacement.  One of our core services is rebuilding and repairing chimneys including the installation of caps, limestone drip edges, and screen covers.  We also have experience with porch repairs and concrete cap replacements.

Brickworks leads the industry in large capacity projects. Our proven process and highly trained staff allows our clients to have piece of mind knowing whether it’s four addresses or 400, we have it covered. We take pride in showing our clients progressive time tables and charts so everyone is communicating and customer expectations are exceeded. Our proven process and accountability keeps your project neat, progressive and most importantly, properly managed.

We would love to meet with your management company or your board members and give you a free consultation. We strive to build a long lasting relationship and gaining your trust is our top priority.  We want to earn your business for life and not just for this project.

Red flags to look for when selecting the right masonry restoration and foundation contractor:

  • Is the company licensed and insured?
  • Does the company come with references for similar projects?
  • Is the company an actual company? Do they have support staff?
  • Are they they lowest bidder? Low bidder almost always adds change orders
  • Do they use subcontractors instead of in-house trained employees?

When we service multifamily complexes, whether it be apartments or condos, we need to first understand the existing conditions, history of the work completed and some of the long term plans so we can properly exceed the expectations you have for us.  We need to make sure that the plan not only meets the budget but we don’t band-aide the repair. One of the biggest complaints we hear from the decision makers is that the “previous board” or “past president” made the wrong choice in hiring a contractor.

We make decisions based on what we think is the best process in the industry, the Brickworks Proven Process.  We break down this process with each of our customers.  We have been fine-tuning this process for over the last 15 years to give the customer “experience” that they deserve. At Brickworks we understand that the customer experience isn’t art, its science and its something we must keep at the forefront of the entire team from the office to the installers.

With the economy as strong as it has been in the last 10 years this industry the customer has become an afterthought. We have developed and implemented measurable matrix to be used when review our employees. What does this mean to you, the customer? Our employees become “Brickworks Certified Team Members”. The best in the industry, providing award winning customer support and installations. Our Mission is to “Build Success” and we won’t stop until we get there.

Here are some preventive techniques that can add additional life to your property :

  • Tuck Pointing or Repointing – Tuck Pointing is the process by which the damaged mortar, also known as tuck-pointing, is replaced with fresh and new mortar. This task demands skilled masons, and thus, property owners must make sure they are trusting the very best.
  • Mortar and Brick Matching – When you decide to undertake a repointing task, the company you are working with must ensure they can get the best matching bricks for the structure. Thus, it becomes crucial that the company you choose to work with is well-connected and can get you matching blocks for the project.
  • Brick Replacement and Repair – Sometimes while performing preventive maintenance, the experts may feel the need to remove specific damaged areas of a brick. When this is to be done, the professional on the job must make sure to get matching brick and mortar. Any variance between the two can make the structure seem odd.
  • Brick Sealant – Sometimes, moisture and water penetrate brick structures and damage them by attacking the integrity of a structure. Brick Sealants are applied to bricks to protect them from moisture and water penetration.
  • Chimney Rebuilds and Repairs – If your chimney has become damaged over the years, one way to tackle the problem is to use scaffolding to get access to the area that needs to be repaired and then do the needful.
  • Steel Lintel Replacement – Lintels rust and swell with age, thereby leading to cracks and issues with a structure’s integrity. Thus, lintels must also be replaced after a few years of usage. When it comes to the replacement of lintels, the importance of getting matching bricks and mortar cannot be emphasized enough.
  • Limestone Repairs and Replacement – It is natural for limestone to become damaged over time. However, property owners can take a few simple steps to delay and slow down the process of limestone replacement. The most crucial measure to this end is preventive maintenance and regular and frequent inspections. Regular inspections reveal surface damages and joint failures, thereby giving the property owners the chance to get these issues fixed in time and avoid any significant problems in the future.
  • Through Wall Flashing – Most older structures utilize brick walls, and thus, rarely suffered from the problem of water infiltration. However, over the last two decades, the use of gypsum sheathing and light-weight studs has increased significantly. Structures made using these are more susceptible to water-related issues. Thus, the exterior walls of these structures must be covered with a layer of brick masonry, also referred to as Through Wall Flashing.
  • Porch and Brick Cleaning – If you want your home to look gorgeous, you must take care to clean your porch and brick structures regularly. While this is something you can choose to do on your own, you should take the help of experts or professional cleaning service every once in a while.

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