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How to Maintain and Repair Brick Porch Steps

Brick porches can offer a beautiful and welcoming entrance to any home. However, like any material, bricks require regular maintenance and upkeep. Over time, even well-maintained bricks may need significant repairs. So, how can you maintain your brick porch steps for the long-term? Moreover, how can you repair brick porch steps that have been damaged by time or foreign objects? 

In this guide, we will give you all the information you need to keep your brick porch steps in peak condition!

How to Maintain Brick Porch Steps

Fortunately, brick porch steps that have been properly installed are pretty durable. Regular foot traffic and even inclement weather are unlikely to cause extensive damage. However, you can reduce the risk of unnecessary wear-and-tear even further with the following tips:

  • Wash your bricks regularly – Brick porch steps can easily accumulate mud and grime. While these are unlikely to cause any long-term damage, they will make your home appear dingy. So, it’s always best to break out the hose or pressure washer and give them a good cleaning. However, if you choose to clean your bricks with a pressure washer, be sure that the pressure is not too high, as it could cause your bricks to flake and become damaged after numerous cleanings.
  • Check your footwear – You’d be surprised, but the kind of shoes you, your family, and any visitors wear can have a major impact on your brick steps. For example, athletic cleats and stilettos put a great deal of pressure on specific points of the brick. This can lead to cracks and blemishes. So, try to wear tennis shoes and other similar shoes when walking on bricks to avoid excessive damage!
  • Repoint if necessary – Though you may need to call in the experts for this one, repointing is one of the best ways to maintain the durability of your brick porch steps for the long-term. Repointing is the process of replacing the outer mortar joints, which can help reduce the risk of cracks or even broken bricks.

How to Repair Damaged Brick Porch Steps

Even if you maintain your brick porch steps well, there’s always the chance that a heavy tree branch or another foreign object could cause unexpected damage. So, if your brick porch steps have already been damaged and require repair, you’ll need to evaluate the extent of the damage before taking any action. While you may be able to do minor mortar or brick restoration on your own, moderate to severe damage will need to be handled by a professional. Fortunately, the experts at Brickworks Property Restoration can get your brick porch steps back to their former glory in no time!


Brick is one of the best materials to use for front or back porch steps. However, like any material, brick is not invincible. You will need to maintain your brick porch steps and address damage as soon as possible to ensure the vitality and durability of your steps. 

If you’d like to learn more about maintaining or repairing brick porch steps, consult the experts at Brickworks Property Restoration today!

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