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How Long Does Tuckpointing Last?

Lasting value is the key to any home-repair service. After all, no homeowner wants to constantly dip into their savings to cover home-maintenance costs. And that’s not to mention the hassle of dealing with crumbling bricks or damaged facades year in and year out. That’s why it’s important to determine how long certain services will last. Thankfully, tuckpointing –– the process of replacing damaged or eroded mortar in between bricks –– is a highly effective way to ensure the structural integrity of a home. To address today’s titular question: how long does tuckpointing last? In general, tuckpointing on a new brick building will last for about 25 years. There are a number of factors that can affect this estimate one way or another, and we’ll explore them here:


Moisture is the enemy of all brick buildings. Bricks are very solid, but they’re also porous, which means water can enter through their surface and eventually cause damage. Naturally, areas that receive a lot of rainfall are more susceptible to brick damage. Furthermore, an improper drainage system (including pipes underneath your home) could work to undermine your home’s brick exterior.

Tuckpointing vs Repointing

There are two distinct types of tuckpointing. The first, known as “repointing” or “spot” tuckpointing involves replacing the mortar only on a specific area of a brick wall. A full tuckpointing project, conversely, covers the entire brick wall. Repointing is perfect, then, for fixing small areas in your exterior that have been affected by the weather or other external force. By repointing strategically every now and again, homeowners can avoid potentially costly repairs.

Quality of Installation

Tuckpointing is a relatively straightforward process and you can do it yourself if so inclined. (To learn the basics of tuckpointing, click here.) However, it’s important to realize that the quality of installation will affect the value of the repairs. Amateurs who have little-to-no experience tuckpointing may be unable to do little more than supply a “band-aid” for a crumbling exterior. What’s more, homeowners should beware cut-rate contractors who use cheap mortar or shoddy tools. Slapdash brickwork will likely need to be corrected soon to prevent further deterioration.

What Happens if I Wait Too Long?

While tuckpointing is an inexpensive and efficient way to prolong the integrity of your brick home, other brick repair methods can be much more substantial. Indeed, bricks can last up to a hundred years if well-maintained, but if you notice bricks in your wall coming loose from their mortar joints, then it may be too late to tuckpoint. Instead, you could be facing a much more arduous task such as a total rebuild or brick replacement.

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Final Thoughts

Brick homes –– like any other investment –– require upkeep to retain their value and appearance. The good news is that tuckpointing is a simple fix to many potential problems. Remember, don’t take your chances with just any brick repair service, though. Rather, contact the pros at Brickworks for all your tuckpointing needs. Our team has years of real-world experience, and we only use the highest quality products and tools. If you want the job done right, then call us today at 586-868-3234.

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