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How Repointing Brick Improves the Value of Your Home

Repointing brick is the process by which decayed or missing mortar between joints in masonry construction is repaired. Over time, the mortar that holds bricks together wears away. Repointing brick is the best way to restore the mortar in a brick wall. Here’s why repointing brick adds value to your home:

It Restores Structural Stability

First and foremost, repointing brick restores structural stability to your home or porch. Mortar is a malleable paste that is used to bind bricks, stone and concrete blocks to one another during construction. When dried, it fills in the gaps between the wall’s units, helping to distribute the wall’s weight more evenly and, thus, making the wall itself stronger. Like most things, however, mortar deteriorates over time. Eventually, weather and age wear away mortar, leaving voids between the wall’s individual units. Replacing all missing and weakened mortar restores the wall’s strength so that it doesn’t bulge, crack or eventually collapse.

It Deters Water Damage

Repointing brick also prevents water damage, one of the biggest threats to a home or building. As mentioned, mortar seals the joints between a wall’s building units. It doesn’t just make the wall stronger, though; it also protects the wall, as well as the building inside. When applied correctly, mortar keeps rain and other debris from entering the home. If there is missing or degraded mortar, water can seep through the wall and cause serious damage. Not only can rain erode the integrity of a building’s structure, it can also provoke harmful fungal growth that precipitates numerous serious health conditions.

It Provides Insulation

If restoring stability to your home and preventing further damage aren’t enough reasons to repair missing or damaged mortar in your wall, then consider your home’s ability to keep you warm. If you have gaps between the bricks or stones in your wall, you’re leaking valuable heat from the interior of your home. Repointing brick works to keep your house insulated, saving you money on your monthly utility bills!

It Prevents the Need for More Expensive Repairs

And speaking of saving money: repointing brick is a good way to prevent more expensive repairs down the road. It’s a lot easier (and cheaper) to fill in some missing mortar than it is to erect a whole new wall or mitigate and restore a home that’s been damaged by water.

It Improves Curb Appeal

Finally, repointing brick just makes your home look better! Applying fresh, clean mortar is a simple way to refresh your home’s exterior appearance and keep it on par with neighboring homes.

Want to Learn More?

To learn more about repointing brick and how it adds value to your home, please contact Brickworks Property Restoration. Our experts can help you assess your home’s own masonry repair needs so that it is safe, as well as visually pleasing for years to come.

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