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What is a Mortar Joint & Why Do They Leak?

When it comes to aesthetics, many people are keen on the classic brick look. It’s timeless, it’s cozy, and, when done correctly, it makes for a solid structure that’s capable of keeping the inside of your household safe. But a brick house or porch is only as reliable as the mortar joints that hold it together.

But what is a mortar joint? Why are they important when it comes to brickwork? Are they susceptible to cracks and leaking? And can said leaking be preventable?

What is a Mortar Joint?

So, what is a mortar joint exactly? Essentially, a mortar joint is a bond between bricks that holds them together. Made out of cement, lime, and sand mixture, mortar joints come in a variety of shapes and sizes, durabilities, colors, soundproofing, and weatherproofing. When done correctly, mortar joints are capable of holding immense loads and lasting for long periods of time. They are best performed by experienced professionals that know which types to use and how to make them in order to avoid potential problems from arising.

Types of Mortar Joints

Knowing what a mortar joint is and does is one thing, but understanding the different types of mortar joints is another. There are several different kinds of mortar joints, each of which can be better utilized in specific circumstances than another and vary in integrity. For instance, there is the raked joint, iron joint, weather struck joint, flush joint, concave joint, vee joint, extruded joint, squeeze joint, beaded joint, grapevine joint, and more. Understanding which type of joint to use for your project is crucial for creating a structurally sound foundation.

Why Do Mortar Joints Leak?

Unfortunately, mortar joints can sometimes become susceptible to leaks. This can occur if the mortar isn’t constructed properly, but can generally be avoided by using a professional company like Brickworks. However, in most instances, these leaks are caused by deterioration over time. When the mortar begins to fail after prolonged weathering, small cracks can form or water can seep in through new spaces.

This can be prevented for a time by waterproofing the exterior foundation with a sealant or coating to fight off deterioration. However, eventually, the issue will need to be fixed, in which case you’ll need to contact an experienced professional.

Fixing Your Leaking Mortar Joints

Do you have leaking mortar joints? Not to worry. With the help of the experienced professionals at Brickworks Property Restoration, your home’s structural foundation will remain secure and intact for many years to come.

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