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Wood Burning Tips From Chimney Repair Experts In MI

Want to get the most out of your fireplace? We don’t blame you! One of the biggest reasons why people buy homes with fireplaces is so they can enjoy the warm glow of the fire on a cold winter day. This can become an expensive and labor-intensive task if you don’t approach it the right way though. Worse, improper wood burning techniques can put you and your family in danger. So check out these wood burning tips to keep your fireplace running strong and safe at all times.

Only Burn Dry, Seasoned Firewood

The wood you use in your fireplace should go through about a year of seasoning before it’s ready to use. This gives the wood plenty of time to dry out so it burns well. In order to test if the wood is ready to burn, smack two pieces together. They should make a loud cracking noise. If the noise you hear sounds more like a thud, there is still moisture in the wood that needs to be dried out.

Do Not Burn Non-Wood Materials

Never throw plastic, magazines, wrapping paper, or other trash in your fireplace. Many of these items release toxic chemicals in the air as they burn. The same goes for painted wood, plywood, or particle board. While these objects are flammable, they are not designed to go into a fireplace. Using inappropriate burning materials could cause the fire to spiral out of control, putting your property and your family at risk.

Store Wood Slightly Above Ground

Do not stack your wood directly on the ground. It will absorb moisture from the soil, and it will not have access to air circulation to keep it dry. Ideally, you should store it in a sheltered area that still has plenty of air circulation, like on a covered patio. If you do not have a place to store the wood like that, make sure to cover it on days when it is supposed to rain or snow.

Bring In What You Need

Wood intended for the fireplace should be stored mostly outside. Only bring in what you need and one backup batch so most of the wood can stay outside in the air. The moisture drying out of the wood will get released into your home, which will cause it to feel humid and muggy. Most of our chimney maintenance clients have firewood storage near their homes so they can easily get to their wood without having to bring it all inside.

Keep Your Chimney Clean

Having a well-cleaned chimney ensures that your fireplace is working properly. It’s just like getting an oil change for your car or cleaning out your dryer vent. Brickworks Property Restoration offers affordable chimney sweeping in Metro Detroit, MI, along with a wide range of chimney repair and brick restoration services. Contact our team here at 586-868-3234 to learn more!

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