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Why Foundation Piering is Vital for Most Foundation Repair Jobs

Does your home reside on unstable soil? While this might not sound alarming at first glance, unstable soil can negatively impact the health of your home’s foundation, causing it to weaken. With loose soil around your foundation, the walls of your home can become unstable over time. If this is a situation that you’re currently dealing with or if you are looking to prepare your home for the future, foundation piering is an ideal way to repair and secure the foundation of your home. At Brickworks Property Restoration, we specialize in foundation piering and want to let you know why foundation piering is vital for most foundation repair jobs.

Foundation Piering Basics

For those that aren’t familiar with foundation repair jobs, let us introduce you to foundation piering. Foundation piering is a foundation repair process that digs steel pipe pilings into your unstable soil to help correct any foundation issues that you’re currently having or may have down the road. Foundation piering helps raise your foundation back to its original level. Once your home’s foundation is back to the appropriate level, these pipe pilings will lock the corrected elevation in place so that you do not have foundation issues down the road.

The Importance of Foundation Piering

Foundation piering not only repairs the foundation issues that you have, but it also prevents the unstable soil around your home from causing any additional issues down the road. Investing in foundation piering will help ensure that your home is secure and lasts for a lifetime!

Foundation Piering Advantages

At Brickworks Property Restoration, we believe that there are many advantages to investing in foundation piering when it comes to your foundation repair needs. First and foremost, foundation piering is a much more affordable foundation repair option than many of your other repair options. Additionally, this type of repair allows you to continue to live in your home with minimal interruption while the foundation piers are installed. Lastly, foundation piering levels your foundation and secures it from any foundation damage down the road.

As you can see, foundation piering is vital for most foundation repair jobs. If this is a service that you are interested in or one that you’d like to learn more about, simply give our foundation piering experts at Brickworks Property Restoration a call today at 586-868-3234. We even offer a free foundation piering estimate, so what do you have to lose?

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