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What You Should Know About Cultured Stone

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Cultured stone is a great material for changing up the appearance of your home. It’s popular for its resemblance to natural stone, but with many consumer-friendly perks included. If you’re planning to do some remodeling, it’s crucial that you weigh all your options and choose the best type of stone for your particular home or project. Here’s everything you should know about cultured stone.

What is Cultured Stone?

Also known as manufactured stone, cultured stone is similar to natural stone in appearance, with the major difference being that it is created using a cement mixture combined with several other elements. This mixture allows the stone to be considerably lighter than regular stone, and by treating it, it can appear extremely similar to the real thing. This mixture is then pressed into molds to give it the desired shape, completing the process and giving homeowners a solid alternative to natural stone, along with a variety of options in terms of appearance.


Because this stone is much lighter than natural stone, it is also less difficult to install. This will no doubt be a relief to the person doing the installation, whether it’s yourself or another. However, just because the process is easier doesn’t mean just anybody can do it. If you don’t have the proper skills and experience necessary, you could seriously damage the stone or your property, which is why contacting a professional like Brickworks is recommended.

What’s the Cost?

Homeowners will be happy to hear that cultured stone isn’t only lighter and easier to install, but it is cheaper than natural stone as well. That’s not to say the price difference between the two will be astronomical, but cultured is typically cheaper nonetheless. In terms of durability, natural stone has been shown to withstand the natural elements—such as rain, dirt, and wind—slightly better than cultured stone, so if your project takes place outside, you may need to consider what the best option would be for your circumstances. 

Using Cultured Stone on Your Next Project?

Cultured stone is an excellent material to use due to its affordable cost and aesthetic popularity. Whether you’re using it on the outside of your house or around your fireplace, you can’t go wrong with this type of stone.

Are you considering using this type of stone in your next project? Brickworks Property Restoration might be able to lend you a hand. Our team has ample experience installing a variety of different materials to make your home just the way you want it. Simply contact us or give us a call at 586-868-3234 today for your free estimate!

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