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What to Look for When Hiring a Masonry Contractor

The choice of hiring a professional to perform brickwork and masonry on your home is an important one. The truth is, not all home-improvement contractors operate in the same way, and the quality of masonry, equipment, and practices used will make a big difference on the end result of a project. Because this decision carries such weight, today we’ll explain how homeowners can find the perfect masonry contractor for their situation:

Experience & Certifications

One of the simplest ways to determine the trustworthiness of any business is to see where it stands within its own industry. As such, research any masonry professional before you hire them, and ask if they’re certified by leading organizations in their field. What’s more, experience is imperative when it comes to brick repair and masonry. There’s no substitute for many years worth of working knowledge gained in the field!

Prior Work & Customer Reviews

As with any major purchase decision, it’s a good idea to look at the prior work history of any masonry contractor before you hire them for a job. Furthermore, genuine customer reviews will give you good insight into what kind of service you can expect from a brick-repair company.


Making substantial foundation repairs requires a different skill set to removing stains from brick surfaces. The best masons understand how to tackle projects of all varieties –– inside, outside, chimneys, porches, brick, cultured stone, etc. Also, it’s worth noting that just because a problem may appear simply cosmetic in nature, even small cracks could indicate major structural deficiencies. So it’s imperative only to hire professionals who know how to address a multitude of home-improvement issues.


Though it’s understandable for homeowners to try and save money by finding a low-cost brick-repair solution, the cheapest options don’t always represent the most value. In addition, some contractors will include additional charges for specialized equipment or materials if needed. And of course, the quality of the work and the equipment is often reflected in the price. Given all that, homeowners should seek out contractors who provide tangible, long-term value. It doesn’t make any sense to hire a cut-rate professional who doesn’t adequately address your masonry issue. Better to identify the company that can offer value for years to come.

Long-Term Support

Naturally, any completed masonry project should provide a homeowner peace of mind for years after the fact. Still, the most progressive brick-repair companies don’t just help homeowners solve existing issues, but also prevent future problems from occurring. Ask any prospective contractor how you can protect your home from common issues like brick stains or chimney fires; how willing they are to help you will tell you a lot about their commitment to service.

The Bottom Line

At Brickworks, we strive to help homeowners handle any issue they have with their house –– from tuckpointing and chimney maintenance to full-scale foundation renovations. We have years of industry experience and every member of our team is reliable and professional. With Brickworks, you’ll have a partner you can count on. So call us today at 586-868-3234!

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