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What is Cultured Stone?

Few homeowners are masonry experts. So it can be easy to get confused when professionals start throwing around terms like “cultured stone,” or “natural stone veneer” in conversation. Plenty of people have gotten lost trying to follow industry jargon like this before. Thankfully, today we aim to clear up some of the confusion surrounding this subject. Just what is cultured stone? In brief, cultured stone is a manufactured approximation of natural stone that is made by concrete molds. Now that we’ve cleared that up, we can explain some of the nuances associated with this building material.

What are the Benefits of Cultured Stone?

One of the biggest advantages cultured stone brings to the table is its versatility. Unlike natural stone, cultured stone is a man-made product. This means that homeowners have a wide variety of choices when it comes to cultured stone patterns, colors, and designs. In addition, cultured stone is cheaper than natural stone; it costs less to produce and install. Plus, it’s lighter than natural stone, which means it places less strain on a home’s foundation. Lastly, professionals can usually install cultured stone faster than natural stone fixtures.

Are there Any Drawbacks Associated with Cultured Stone?

Here at Brickworks Property Restoration, we’re big believers in cultured stone, and we use it often. However, there are certain reasons why a homeowner might not want to use cultured stone. For one, while cultured stone has a great, authentic look, it is an imitation of real stone. It’s possible to notice the difference between the two under very close inspection. Sticklers for a certain type of natural stone, then, may be better served going that route. Also, natural stone is slightly more durable than cultured stone. Over the course of many years, natural stone tends to fade less in direct sunlight than natural stone. (Interior walls made from cultured stone, then, are less likely to experience fading.) With proper upkeep, cultured stone walls may last 50 years or more without significant degradation.

Is Cultured Stone Right for Your Home?

Ultimately, the choice of whether to use cultured stone or natural stone veneer in your home is up to you. Still, we find that most homeowners appreciate the value, flexibility, and the appearance of cultured stone. It’s also worth noting that some natural stone designs might not be available for homeowners living in certain parts of the country. Remember, natural stone has to be mined from a quarry, treated, and formed before installation, and these procedures add up.


At the end of the day, how well a home improvement project looks depends on the quality of masonry installation. Thankfully, the professionals here at Brickworks have the experience, tools, and resources to take on any masonry assignment. Not only is our team comfortable completing cultured stone projects, but we’re also experts in brick repair and installation. So we’re happy to take on all aspects of a home improvement project! Contact us here at 586-868-3234 for more information.

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