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5 Ways To Remove & Avoid Brick Stains

Brick houses are charming and classic in their appearance. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much for stains on an exterior facade to ruin the entire look of a home. Indeed, even small amounts of water damage can contribute to significant brick stains and turn your lovely exterior into a true eyesore –– practically overnight! With that in mind, today we’ll focus on how you can prevent and remove irksome stains from your home:

Limit Exposure to Water

Bricks, though solid, are porous and therefore susceptible to water damage. As such, a majority of brick stains are caused, at least in part, by water. There isn’t much you can do to prevent certain water exposure –– like rain, for instance –– but you can take a few savvy measures to eliminate other forms of water damage. Always make sure your sprinklers don’t spray onto your home, for one, and inspect the foundation of any brick or concrete steps. If brick or concrete rests flush on top of soil, water will evaporate through your porch and can cause cracks or stains.

Apply a Brick Sealant

The best brick sealants will not only prevent stains, but they’ll also bolster the structural integrity of bricks buildings. As noted above, water can damage bricks in a number of ways, which is why utilizing a brick sealant that allows the bricks to “breathe” is so important. Note, never try and cover stains or “seal” bricks with paint. It won’t work, and the paint will chip after a short period of time.

Identify Your Stains

One of the most common forms of brick staining is caused by efflorescence. Efflorescence is a salt deposit left on brick surfaces as a result of exposure to water. At first, efflorescence may be soft or loose, but it will crystalize over time. Though this is a common brick-stain culprit, it’s not the only element that stains brick. Rust, mold, mildew, and calcium deposits (known as “lime run”) can also tarnish brick facades. Take the time out to identify the type of stain on your brick, since different stains require different cleaning methods.

Power Washes & Acidic Solutions

For those hell-bent on DIY home-improvement, it’s typically a wise idea to start any brick-cleaning with a power-wash free of chemical components. You may be able to remove a stain simply by washing your facade with water. If water alone doesn’t work, make absolutely certain you know what’s causing the stain before using any acidic solutions to clean your facade. Also, take all necessary precautions when handling potentially hazardous cleaning materials and acidic compounds!

Contact a Professional

The simplest way to deal with brick stains is to enlist the help of a professional. At Brickworks, we’re happy to perform regular inspections and maintenance to prevent and remove brick stains. Our team members have years of professional experience, and will restore your brick and stone surfaces to their pristine best. Don’t wait another minute –– call us today here at 586-868-3234 to protect the beauty and integrity of your brick home!

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