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5 Unique Options For Fireplace Mantles

Your fireplace mantle can be the focal point of your living room, or it can just be a place to collect dust. Assuming you want to make your mantle look its best, you might want to come up with new objects to use in place of traditional wood. You can design your mantle to truly say something about who you are and what you love. Here are 5 unique  options for fireplace mantles that you might want to try in your home.

Salvage Wood Doors And Shelves

Salvage wood can become the perfect accent element for fireplaces, even in modern homes. If you know of a building nearby that’s getting torn down, you might see if you can get some old doors, shelves, or countertops from it. As long as the items are long and sturdy enough to sit horizontally, you can have a really neat feature to add to your mantle.


If you have a fireplace that isn’t covered in bricks, you might use bricks as an accent piece to form a mantle. Jut them out from the sides of your fireplace so that they can form a small shelf. If you want, you can still add stone and other elements around the brick to make it stand out more, but it may contrast just fine with what you already have.

Glass Bottles

Glass bottles can be added to plastered fireplaces to create three dimensional art that still serves a purpose. You can get bottles in a variety of colors, and then all you have to do is attach the top or bottom to the side of the fireplace. When you finally get a fire going, the glow will surely be stunning.

Surf Boards

If you are shooting for a beach theme in your room, an old surf board could be the perfect option for your mantle. You will just need to make sure it is sealed well to stand up to the heat the fire is putting out. Cut the surf board to go around the fireplace, and you will have a funky fireplace in no time.


Rather than having an actual mantle, you might think about hanging some art in a horizontal line on your fireplace. This will create the illusion of a mantle or at least an attention-seeking form without necessarily giving you a shelf to put something on. Think outside the box when you start designing your mantle, and you never know what you’re going to get.

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