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Repair Your Chimney with Safe, Effective Heat Shield® Services

Have you ever asked yourself how your chimney actually works? Chimneys have been a common household fixture since the 16th or 17th century. A chimney provides warmth and nostalgia for many homes today. However, chimneys do have their fair share of problems. Most notably, a chimney fire can occur when too many creosote deposits disrupt the airflow. At Brickworks, when your chimney is in need of repair, we want to properly fix it as safe and effectively as we can. That’s why we choose Heat Shield® for almost all of our chimney repairs.

What is Heat Shield®?

Heat Shield® is a coating that helps protect your chimney from excessive heat. It is a revolutionary method that has been used in the past for industries that create things that reach extreme temperatures, like space crafts or automotive devices. Recently, it has been greatly utilized in chimney repair, ultimately providing safety, functionality and cost effectiveness to every chimney that we repair at Brickworks. Heat Shield® relines the flame retardant concrete and completely seals and restores your chimney flue to full functionality.

How is it Safe?

There are many things that can cause a chimney fire and Heat Shield® helps prevent them all. It is the safest method of chimney repair and the most cost effective as well! Whether your mortar joints in your chimney are misaligned or the build-up of too many hazardous deposits are present, Heat Shield® is made to correct those issues and allow for proper ventilation in your chimney. This gives every homeowner peace of mind knowing that every time they light their chimney, the fire is able to be properly ventilated.

How Does it Improve Function?

We know that Heat Shield® is safe and cost effective, but does it really help? Heat Shield® allows our certified chimney repair professionals to keep the existing foundation of your chimney, repair it and add Heat Shield® to increase the airflow. Alternatives to this method would be steel liners and other restrictive measures that can be expensive and still decrease the airflow within your chimney. Optimum airflow ultimately improves the function of every chimney and allows proper ventilation to occur.

Brickworks only wants to repair your chimney with safe, effective Heat Shield® services that will give you peace of mind. For more information about Heat Shield® or our chimney repair services at Brickworks, give us a call today at 586-868-3234.

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