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Why You Should Consider Masonry Training

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Learning a new trade is often a rewarding experience. It not only allows you to dabble in unexplored territories, but you could even make a career out of it if you work hard enough. This is especially true when it comes to masonry training. The only downside is the cost, as it is usually quite expensive to learn a new trade. However, that is not the case with Brickworks Academy.

Brickworks academy is a limited-time program that will teach you a wide variety of different mason-related skills and have you come out on the other side as a seasoned professional. But how do you know if the program is right for you? Here are some reasons why you should consider masonry training.

You’ll Learn a New Trade

Nothing is quite as exciting as learning something new, especially when you can use that new trade to make money and open the door to exciting opportunities. With Brickworks Academy, you’ll participate in two weeks of hands-on training where you will learn the ins and outs of masonry work, acquiring skills such as chimney repair, matching mortar and joint styles, and much, much more. If you love working with your hands to create and construct while being rewarded for your efforts, you might want to consider masonry training.

Masonry Training Opens Up Opportunities

Opportunities present themselves to us each and every day, and by seizing the opportunity to undergo masonry training, you’ll be opening the doors to many more. Those who pass the Brickworks Academy class with flying colors are even eligible to join the Brickworks team! Job opportunities will become immediately available as well, allowing you to use the skills you have just acquired in a real-world setting. By applying this knowledge, you will continue to gain valuable experience and build up a formidable line-up of projects for your future endeavors, providing support for your family as well as those whose homes you work on.

It Won’t Cost You a Penny

One of the best reasons for considering masonry training, at least at Brickworks Academy, is the fact that it is completely, one hundred percent free! Normally a training program like this can cost thousands of dollars, but Brickworks is offering their training service to anyone with the drive and determination to see it through to the end. This opportunity, valued at approximately $3,000, is entirely free of risk, allowing those that are interested the chance to complete the course without worrying about their bank account. You won’t even need to worry about paying for food during this time, as lunch and drinks will be provided daily!

Ready to Start Your Masonry Training?

There’s a lot to learn in the world of masonry work, but by undergoing the proper training courses, you’ll be able to confidently perform all of the masonry tasks of a professional and gain access to all of the benefits that come with it. With the opportunity to join the Brickworks team and learn all the skills of the trade free of charge, who could refuse? This year the program runs from February 28th through March 11th, so act fast!

If you’re interested in learning more about masonry training or brick work in general, Brickworks has you covered. Contact us or give us a call at 586-868-3234 today!

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