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How to Find a Waterproofing Company to Protect Your Home & Basement

If you live in an area that’s prone to flash floods or inclement weather, then you know how important it is to have a waterproof home and basement. It can make the difference between weathering the storm and losing all of your possessions. It may sound dramatic, but many families have suffered the consequences of living in homes that are not protected from water. So, what can you do to waterproof your home and basement?

Can I Waterproof My Home or Basement by Myself?

The answer to this question is complicated. There are certain actions you can (and should) take to secure your home or basement against water damage. However, a professional waterproofing company has the expertise and equipment to ensure that your house can withstand even heavy water intrusion. In any case, let’s take a look at what you can do to waterproof your own home:

  • Clean and repair your gutters – Rain gutters help divert rainwater so that it doesn’t collect in or around your home. If your gutters are full of debris or damaged, you could be exposing yourself to water damage when the next big storm comes along.
  • Check your windows and doors – Over time, windows and doors can swell (especially in humid climates), leaving unsealed openings behind. You will need to ensure that your windows and doors are properly sealed off to keep water out.

While these steps will help to some degree, they will only go so far. The truth is that you need a professional to deal with things such as foundational damage, damage to your roof, and other potential problem areas. Without a professional waterproofing company, you could be exposing your home and basement to untold risk.

What Does a Professional Waterproofing Company Do?

Now that we’ve looked at what you can do to waterproof your home, let’s see what a professional waterproofing company can do for you:

  • Check your roofing – It goes without saying that gutters are useless if you have damage to your roofing. Cracks in your roofing will quickly allow water to accumulate in your home and cause costly damage. A waterproofing company can fix roof damage and ensure that your chimneys and plumbing vents are properly sealed.
  • Check your foundation – If you have a concrete foundation, it will almost certainly take damage over time. Cracks in your foundation will allow water to seep in, causing damage without you even knowing about it. A waterproofing company can find these cracks and seal them before they cause any damage.
  • Evaluate your basement – While most people assume that their roof is the greatest source of water leaks, it’s the basement that often lets in the most moisture. Once dampness accumulates, it can be difficult to get out. Fortunately, a professional waterproofing contractor will evaluate your basement for problem areas and fix them for you.

How to Find the Right Waterproofing Company to Protect Your Home & Basement

If you’re worried about water damage in your home, you need to find a reliable waterproofing company. Thankfully, Brickworks Property Restoration is the solution for you. We have a proven track record of helping homeowners protect their homes and basements from the elements and unseen water damage. So, if you live in the Detroit area and need help waterproofing your home, Brickworks Property Restoration is here to help.

For more information on professional waterproofing for your home and basement, contact the experts at Brickworks Property Restoration today!

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