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Creative Driveway Designs To Enhance Your Curb Appeal | Brick Repair Michigan


Your driveway is one of the first impressions people have of your home, yet most homeowners forget to design this critical part of the curb appeal. Whether you have a driveway that needs to be resurfaced or you’re choosing the design for a new driveway installation, you can get creative with the look of your parking space. Here are some creative driveway designs that you can use to enhance your exterior.

Brick Driveways

A brick driveway will make your home look classy and European. Bricks are beautiful, durable, and eye-catching materials that add texture and character to your driveway. If you have a brick home, you may use a contrasting color of brick on your driveway to create visual interest. If you would like a matching set of bricks instead, we can find the best possible option for you. Our brick repair company in Michigan works with 15-20 supply yards, and we used advanced mortar color charts to match every element of the design. Contact Brickworks Property Restoration today to learn more.

Grass Driveways

Grass is becoming a popular design element for high-end luxury homes. Adding grass to a driveway may just be a matter of removing some of the materials you already have in place. For instance, if you have a solid brick driveway, you could remove square sections to form a checkerboard pattern. You may also use stripes of grass in between brick and stone to emphasize the shape of the driveway. Just note that you will have to water and trim driveway grass on a regular basis to keep it looking green and luscious.

Stained Concrete Driveways

Stained concrete is an affordable option to stone that actually looks more expensive than it is. Concrete installers can add dyes to the surface of the concrete to make it look like marbleized stone slabs. This technique can be used for interior flooring as well, depending on your needs. The concrete is sealed with a shiny topcoat to protect the concrete and bring out the depth of the stain.

Cobblestone Driveways

If you want to establish an old world theme for your home, a cobblestone driveway could be the perfect design element. You could buy new stone to use in your driveway, but the ideal option would be to repurpose stone from an older home that may have recently been demolished. This will not be easy to find at first, but it will guarantee that your driveway is one of a kind.

Stone Accents

Changing the appeal of your driveway may be as simple as adding natural stone around the border. Use this stone for planters and other accent areas on your home’s exterior, and you can make your home look more valuable and more appealing to people passing by. Choose a stone that complements the existing materials on your home to get the best results.

Don’t let your driveway be a missed opportunity. Contact the masonry experts here at Brickworks Property Restoration in Michigan to discuss your options.

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