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Do You Need a Chimney Heat Shield?

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With winter on the way, many of us will be firing up our fireplaces to stay warm and cozy for the holidays. When was the last time your chimney was inspected? If it’s been a while, you may want to have it checked out, especially if it is older. Many get worn down over the years and homeowners are none the wiser to the state of their flumes. Cracks, gaps, and deterioration can form with prolonged use, causing leaks, smoke buildup, structural weaknesses, and even fires. Luckily, there’s a solution. Applying a chimney Heat Shield might just be the best thing you could possibly do for your fireplace. But what is it? And do you really need it?

What is a Chimney Heat Shield?

Before deciding whether or not you need a Heat Shield, it might first be helpful to understand what exactly it is as well as its benefit to your chimney. Essentially, a Heat Shield is created by adding a sealing layer all throughout the inside of the chimney to plug up any cracks or spaces in the flue. It can be made out of a few different materials, such as a chamber coat or cerfractory foam. These coatings are smooth, sealing, and heat resistant, allowing smoke and heat to escape without causing damage to the chimney or endangering your home. Chamber coat is applied manually by a chimney sweep, while cerfractory foam is applied via spray and smoothed out with a large brush. Some methods involve lowering the material down through the top of the stack and applying it on the way back up.

How Much Does a Chimney Heat Shield Cost?

The cost of installing a Heat Shield can be measured in more ways than one. As far as the traditional cost goes, the cost can lie anywhere from $5,000 to $8,000. That being said, the cost to have your chimney completely redone is much more expensive. Not to mention the cost of repairs in the event of a fire caused by a poorly made or clogged smoke chamber! It is also a much quicker process than building a new one, especially where there is no need for a total replacement. You’ll also save money in the long run by fortifying your current chimney with Heat Shield, as the sealant will work to protect it from deterioration for many, many years. It is definitely the best solution to ensuring longevity for your fireplace.

Why is a Chimney Heat Shield Important?

If your home contains a fireplace, it is very beneficial to have a Heat Shield installed. But why? What does it really matter? Well, it matters a great deal, actually. For one thing, a poorly constructed smoke chamber causes creosote to build up inside the chimney, blocking the air passage and leading to a draft-back of smoke or even the potential of starting a fire. The sealing aspect of the shield will also prevent carbon monoxide from leaking out of cracks, thus preventing your family from succumbing to toxic fumes. By applying a layer of a Heat Shield, the smoke will be able to rise and exit your home more easily, preventing any unwanted contamination from occurring. The last thing you need is a fire breaking out inside your chimney, which could tear it apart from the inside out, spread to your home, or cause the bricks to crumble onto your home. The smooth layer of fire-resistant sealant is more than enough to protect your family and home.

Looking to Fortify Your Chimney?

Applying a chimney Heat Shield is an effective restoration method that assists in securing the safety of your home and your family. It is not only reliable and affordable but having it applied is the fastest method for restoring your chimney to its former glory. Here at Brickworks, we have trained and licensed professionals that can inspect your chimney and apply a protective layer of Heat Shield coating in no time at all. Interested in learning more? Contact Brickworks today for a free estimate or call 586-868-3234.

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