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Will My Brick Repair Match My Existing Bricks?

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One of the most popular questions we hear from our clients is “Will my brick repair match my existing bricks?” This process can be tough, especially for older homes with faded bricks. We can’t speak for all brick repair companies in Clinton Township, but we can explain our brick matching process to you so you know what to expect. Read on to find out how to get seamless brick repairs for your home or office.

It All Starts At The Supply Yard

Any chimney repair company you work with will inevitably have to pull bricks from a supply yard. This is where they gather the materials to complete the brick repair. While most companies choose to work with one or two supply yards, Brickworks Property Restoration pulls bricks from 15-20 supply yards. That gives us a significantly wider range of bricks to choose from, which gives you the best possible chance of getting a seamless brick repair.

Samples, Samples, Samples

Another component to brick matching is comparing samples of bricks from the yard and from your chimney or home exterior. Not only will we bring samples from your home to match against the options at the supply yard, but we will also bring samples back from the yard to compare to your chimney or siding as a whole. This double comparison process ensures that we get the absolute best match for your bricks.

Color Matched Mortar

Brick repairs are about more than just the bricks themselves. The mortar surrounding the bricks must also match the existing mortar. Some masonry repair companies in Michigan only offer a handful of mortar colors, but we use a mortar color matching system that will make your brick repairs blend right in. Note that some mortar change color over time due to staining. If we believe that is the case with your mortar, we may recommend a thorough brick and mortar cleaning before completing the brick repair.

What If I Have Faded Bricks?

For walls with direct sun contact, the bricks may be more faded than they are on the rest of your building. This is something we take into consideration when completing our brick repairs. We will do our best to match the faded color of your brick, but in many cases, that color will fade even more over time. It may take a month of direct sunlight for the bricks to truly look like part of the wall, but eventually, you’ll have trouble figuring out which bricks are old and which bricks are new.

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