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Basement Wall Repair With Brickworks

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Here at Brickworks Property Restoration, some of our most fulfilling projects are solving problems and helping customers who are not happy with the work they received from another contracting company. A great example of this is a customer who hired a big box vendor to do a foundation repair and did not get the results they were hoping for. These vendors often use their own unique, patented systems for projects such as basement wall repair or foundation repairs, which can lead to unfortunate issues for homeowners. In this case, their product was holding up, however, it was not actually fixing the problem that needed to be addressed. At Brickworks, we are proud to offer solutions to customers in these situations and fix problems the right way, like they should have been done the first time.

A Basement Wall Repair That Couldn’t Be Done

In this example, the customer called over 15 contractor companies, but could not find anyone to complete their basement wall repair. Their wall was completely buckling, and although this $24,000 project was still under warranty, the vendor they hired for the project was not honoring it. Big box companies charge users tens of thousands of dollars for the completion of projects that do not solve a home’s issues at their root. While these companies often promise warranties for clients who might experience issues, they rarely stand by them, leaving homeowners with debt and issues such as a failing home foundation.

The Problem With Big Box Companies

The biggest names in the foundation industry use their own patented systems for repairs, meaning they do not have the bandwidth or the technical knowledge to actually give their customer what they need. In this situation, the customer needed a complete wall rebuild.

When redoing basement wall repair projects, Brickworks guarantees that a project will be done right the first time, by following industry standards and above and making sure that our team members are safe and able to give the customer the product that they’re paying for, and originally needed.

Improper Basement Rebuilding Tactics

In this $24,000 project, the major contracting company used bolts that were screwed into the floor and used C-channel brackets to hold and pull the brackets together with soil pressure. While this system may work in some applications, in this instance, the basement wall was broken around the brackets. There is no denying that this was a completely improper method of basement rebuilding. Since the product was still standing, the fine print of its lifetime warranty revealed that the customers would have to pay out of pocket for a repair.

Big box vendors cannot look past their own patented systems to address actual customer needs. At Brickworks, we know when a project doesn’t look right, and we guarantee that we will take care of it, leaving our customers safe and satisfied.

Contact Brickworks for Major Repairs

The foundation of your home is the foundation of your life. Leave major projects such as basement wall repair to the professionals at Brickworks Property Restoration, not big box companies who cannot look outside of their own systems for projects that need an actual solution. Contact us today to get it fixed the right way!

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