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10 Signs You Need Foundation Repair

Brickworks Property Restoration believes that your long-term home maintenance plan needs to include the proper maintenance of your foundation. Your foundation, after all, provides the support for the structure built on top of it. When it is weakened by time, by rain, by snow, and/or by settling, you could be witnessing the steady loss of the structural integrity of your home. We take pride in our commitment to helping our customers prevent problems before they become major ones. And you can be proactive in addressing potential problems by knowing the signs to look for.

Signs You May Need Foundation Repair
1. If one or more doors or windows stick or do not open and close with ease, it could mean that your foundation is settling.
2. If you find cracks in interior walls, such as on drywall surfaces, you are seeing a potential sign of foundation settling.
3. If you notice cracks on the exterior surface of your home, you are seeing another sign of settling. Cracks, often appearing in zig-zag shapes, can appear not only in the brick foundation but in the exterior siding of your home. And like the other cracks you have noticed, these cracks are likely to be signs of settlement and could point to a need for foundation repair.
4. You may find gaps between crown molding and the ceiling. Though not directly connected to your foundation, gaps such as these can be the consequence of issues related to your foundation.
5. Another subtle indicator is creases and wrinkles in interior wallpaper. If wallpaper is not separating from the wall because of a failure of its adhesive, it could be an indicator of foundation settling.
6. Gaps between caulking and windows or doors can also indicate shifting and settling of your foundation. Most people do not spend time or effort looking for gaps between windows and their caulking, but if you suspect issues with your foundation, it will be worth looking for these signs.
7. Sunken floors or a noticeably sinking foundation are more obvious signs of problems with your foundation. If you notice the ground sinking near your foundation, you may have a major foundation issue on your hands. Contact us right away for a free no-obligation foundation repair estimate. Your foundation could be developing problems if you notice that your patio has pulled away from your home.
8. If the nails in drywall or sheetrock begin to push out from the wall, exposing the nail heads, foundation settling may be causing it.
9. Sloping of floors is arguably the most obvious interior evidence of settling. If you suspect this is happening, it will help to begin measuring the slope. A general rule is that if your home is sloping more than an inch for every fifteen to twenty feet, the problem is likely growing and should be addressed.
10. Reach Out to Brickworks Property Restoration Today

Brickworks Property Restoration is happy to help you address your foundation repair concerns, especially if you have noticed any of the issues listed above. Call us today at 586-868-3234 for a free estimate

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