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A brick porch made with brick and concrete is the common type of porch homeowners look at when they want to build a porch onto their homes. The typical design is a rounded one with the concrete forming the underlying base for the structure. You first have to excavate the area in which you intend to build the porch and pour a layer of crushed rock into the excavated space. Four to six inches of this rock is the norm as the base.

Benefits of a Front Brick Porch

Front porches are considered an added value for many homes. They offer curb appeal and more livable space. The practical benefit is the protection of the front door and the face of the home from extreme weather and general weathering of the homes materials. Front porches can reduce maintenance and replacement of the front exterior of a home. Front porches are designed for utility, pleasure and convenience. They connect the individual to the outside world, allowing an opportunity to sit and watch life pass by or visit with a neighbor. The style chosen for a front porch can welcome company or prevent entry. What types of front porches and designs are available?

What Is A Brick Porch?

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Front porches are structures that offer cover or shelter and are attached at the front entry of a house. Not all houses have front porches. Front porches are generally constructed to match the history or style of the house. Some front porches are constructed or added on to the entry after the house has been lived in for a span of time. Others are constructed as part of the overall look of the structure. Front porches are not always covered by a roof. They can offer additional outdoor space for visitors or family to gather.

Types of Brick Porches

There are front porch styles that have been used repeatedly to create a focal point at the entry. Covered front porches are a style that allows for a small area to sit and hold a conversation or may span the whole width of the house. Wrap-around porches may begin at the front entry and wrap to the side of a house in either or both directions. Wrap-around front porches usually have a roof across the front and sometimes along the sides of the house. Screened front porches completely enclose the front entry area and create a second front entry door.

Front Porch Design Basics

Deciding what area a front porch will occupy is the beginning of the porch design process. Choosing the purpose of the porch will decide the size. Additional components—doors, gates, roofs, built-in seats, flower boxes—can also become part of the design. The style of the home may dictate a particular type of front porch. Victorian homes usually have large front porches usable as outside living rooms. Cottage style homes usually have smaller fenced front porches often with gates. By having an open and inviting area attached to the home in the front, it was hoped that people that lived near each other would use their porches as a means for social or community engagement. The porch construction is not entirely specific when it comes to the exact design of the porch that will help to hopefully promote social ties, but it is more a matter of placement. When porch additions are placed in the back, they do not have the same effect as a porch addition in the front of the home. In order to be effective as a social tool, a porch addition is most efficient when used in an area that neighbors can see clearly as an inviting offer. While some people may think that there are few, if any, differences between porches, there are some porches that are more impressive than others. By looking at some of the more unique porches, we can see just exactly how individuals are able to design their own porches with different and distinct ideas. In Michigan, on the Mackinac Island, there is the Grand Hotel. This hotel is home to the longest porch in the world. It has a length that has been estimated to be between 660 feet and 880 feet! One of the most important porch designs that has recently graced the porch arena is a two-story porch. What makes this design stand out is the fact that in the second tier of the porch, there is a pool installed. This makes it convenient to relax and refresh one’s self during the summer and warm weather months!

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